The science of love

Love is a tricky thing to define in logical terms for this blog, mainly because love is hard to define in the English language. For example, the love I feel for my mother and father is different from the love I feel for my little cousins and that is still different from the love I give to my friends, like the amazing Kelvin, and the list can go on and on. The love I feel unnamedtowards my parents is formed through years of nurturing and caring for me and was jumpstarted by a healthy cocktail of drugs ranging from oxytocin to opioids to make baby me feel safe with them and trust their judgment in my care and from this, we give and take an unconditional love. Yet with my little cousins, I still feel this love but on the other side of it. With them, I would give my life up willingly for them and would do anything to make them smile and it is here that I agree with Thomas1200px-Oxytocin_with_labels Jefferson “it is in the love of one’s family that heartfelt happiness is known.” But anymore today the idea of a nuclear family is slowly degrading in our modern society and the family is being extended to our friends. This is the kinda of love that we all need not just the unconditional love from your family but the completely conditional, yet always present, love of friends because it is your friends who chose you with all of the baggage you carry like the old proverb “love is blind; friendship closes its eyes” meaning that you can fall in love with anyone but friendship you choose to be vulnerable to them and take them into your life. I use Kelvin as the perfect example for this because when I first met him I realized how strange he really was and truth be 9221268-3x2-940x627told I didn’t think that we would ever really be that close cause I’m not that strange. Well after three years of not seeing or speaking to each other, we met again freshmen year of high school and I had the epiphany that I am that weird and we have lots of in common. We see now that Samuel Johson was right when he said “friendship is seldom lasting but between equals” because when I held my nose up to the weirdness we were never friends but when I embraced my inner crazy we became the best kind. In conclusion, love is hard to define because there are so many different types and they are all good and useful to the human experience but this is just my opinion and as always the final choice comes down to you just remember: Keep on swimming!





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